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Window Trim Ideas for the Exterior and Interior of Your Home

Check out these window trim ideas for your home’s exterior and interior windows. Window casings are the finishing touch that brings the whole room together. But, their different window trim styles to choose from. 

Learn everything you need to know about interior and exterior window trim. Get ideas for your home makeover. And, find out what aesthetic appeal each style of window trim brings to your home. 

Window Trim Ideas for Your Home Makeover in 2020

When it comes to the best window trim ideas for your home, it is all about your home’s style, and your personal preference. But, the best place to start is with your home’s existing architectural style. Of course, not every home has a specific architectural style, in which case you can choose any style you like for your window trim. 

Your window casings’ stock wood will vary, depending on whether it is for the interior or exterior of your home, as well as whether the trim is being painted or stained. For interior window trim, here are some ideas:

Low-Profile Interior Window Trim

Low-profile interior window trim is the best idea if you don’t want your windows to draw attention. This trim style is understated, which is great for modern, uncluttered spaces. The low-profile trim style provides a finishing touch to the interior of your home. 

High-Profile Interior Window Trim

High-profile window trim is boldly expressive and meant to be seen. This style is the perfect accent for classic victorian style homes. Layered high-profile trim offers the right aesthetic for elegant homes. 

Contemporary Interior Window Trim

Contemporary interior window trim ideas center around an emphasis on simplicity. Even more so than that of low-profile trim, contemporary style trim blends into the walls, as to disappear. In keeping with contemporary architectural best practices, this style serves to highlight the window – not the trim. 

Traditional Interior Window Trim

Traditional window trim is simple, yet stylish and offers a perfect compromise between low and high-profile designs. This style of window trim is common in many homes built through the 19th and 20th centuries. Often, it features a flat single-layer of trim with a supporting apron along the bottoms. 

Monochrome Exterior Window Trim

If your home features visually appealing elements on the exterior you might not want something that distracts the eye. At the same time, monochrome exterior window trim offers a blending effect, from the exterior siding of your home to the windows. Often, the only stated elements of this style are the header trim above and the bass trim below the window, which is perfect for featuring shutters. 

Continuous Design Exterior Window Trim

Continuous design is a style of exterior trim meant to add dimensionality to the facade, without overstating the window. The trim is the same design and style as the rest of the home architecture. Often, this is the choice for homeowners when they are building their own homes. 

Contemporary Exterior Window Trim

Contemporary window trim design for the exterior of your home features bold contrast to the rest. This style overstates the presence of the windows, which is opposite of the same style when seen from the inside. Especially for homes with large windows and contemporary architecture, bold exterior window trim gives the facade striking personality. 

Traditional Exterior Window Trim

If you prefer a rustic, log cabin, or turn-of-the-century look to your home, traditional exterior window trim is a great idea. Traditional window trim ideas center on a simple theme and soft color pallet. This style goes hand-in-hand with the classic white picket fence aesthetic or can work as a bold color differentiation from your siding.

At the end of the day, the best window trim ideas are the ones that make your house feel more like home. Need some help designing your home’s exterior or interior makeover? Talk to a millwork specialist for more window trim ideas.