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Awesome Closets: Ideas for Renovating Your Closets in 2020

A little bit of strategy can turn a nightmarish closet into an awesome closet. Closets are the most underutilized and overlooked spaces in your home. But, instead, your closets can be a major selling point in your home.

Discover how to change your storage into an asset and make the most of your closets. Reimagine how to use your closet spaces. And, get great ideas and practical tips on how to give your closets the update they need in 2020. 

Awesome Closets 2020: Organization and Renovation Ideas for Your Closets

For starters, an awesome closet requires an awesome closet organization. No matter how big your closet renovation is, sooner or later, you’re going to have to organize things. Once you have all the stuff that’s going into your closet organized, the fun part begins. 

awesome closets

Some of the most awesome closets are designed to help you organize things, like shoes, jewelry, laundry, and clothing. Instead of stacking up all of your bins of organized closet stuff, here are some ideas to make your storage look intentional and bring visual harmony to your closets.

Wall-to-wall Closet Shelving Maximizes Spacial Usage

It is easy to get everything shoved inside your closet and to shut the door, but how will you ever find anything? Once you resolve to organize your wears, you might as well make them accessible. And, the best way to make your closet an accessible space is with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling shelving. 

If you think of the most beautiful walk-in closets, wall-to-wall shelving is a uniform trait. A shelving system allows you to neatly organize your clothing, shoes, and accessories while maximizing the vertical space of your closet. Most closet shelving systems feature individual cubbies, drawers, or a combination of both. 

Focus Attention with Showcases and Display Cabinets

awesome closet display case

Free-standing cabinets, such as showcases and glass display cabinets, offer additional storage space in your walk-in closet or bedroom. At the same time, a display cabinet serves as an aesthetic focal point for anyone who comes into space. Use a display cabinet too, both, store and feature beautiful jewelry, neckties, sunglasses – etc. 

Incorporating Crown Molding Adds an Elegant Atmosphere

If you want to upgrade the atmosphere and sophistication of your closet, add crown molding and millwork trim. Crown molding adds refinement to space and makes you feel more elegant while you’re in your closet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a walk-in closet or a reach-in – millwork and crown molding improve the visual aesthetics.

Add Visual Space with Three-sided Mirrors

An essential part of an awesome closet upgrade is a three-sided mirror. A three-sided mirror creates the illusion of additional space, as well as creates a chic aesthetic. Every boutique has a three-sided mirror, so why shouldn’t your closet?

Awesome Closets Have Islands

awesome closet island

If your closet has an awesome amount of space, upgrade options abound. A great addition to walk-in closets is an island. Closet islands are much like kitchen islands, in that they add storage capacity and provide a surface for performing tasks, such as folding clothes. 

Dirty Laundry Goes in a Hidden Hamper Cabinet

Dirty laundry is the bane of every bedroom hamper and downgrades the quality of your living space. An awesome closet serves as an addition to your living space, so don’t let it be the sore thumb to your closet upgrade. Instead, hide your dirty laundry within your closet storage system. 

The most important part of any closet is the system for the organization. A great feature of many closet shelving solutions is a laundry hamper that is built into the system. Look for a closet storage system that includes cabinet style shelving. 

Put Your Shoes on Display and Utilize Corner Shelving

An element of your storage, that is perfect to showcase, is your shoes. Make your shoe collection a grid-style gallery at the center of your closet. If two people share the same closet, split the shoe gallery right down the middle. If you have a smaller collection of shoes or are working with a reach-in closet, consider featuring your shoes on a corner shelf. 

closet corner shelves

Every corner of your closet should have special corner shelving. Corner shelves utilize the otherwise unused spaces where two shelving systems meet. You can use corner shelves as an accessory showcase, perfume station, or watch and belt shelf. 

Mirrors and Lighting is Essential to Creating an Atmosphere

For closet storage systems with solid cabinet doors, consider mirrored doors. Line a walk-in closet with mirrored cabinets to create an infinity effect and increase the perception of space. Mirrors are an essential tool for minimizing the claustrophobic effects of small closets. 

awesome closet lighting

So too is that of lighting, in that, lighting is essential for creating a sense of space and dimension. If you want to add an up-scale touch to your walk-in, hang a small crystal chandelier in the center. And, add under cabinet lighting to smaller spaces and reach-in closets to improve the visual appearance. 

Pocket Doors are Practical and Beautiful

closet with pocket doors

Closet doors are a common hindrance to the aim of increasing usable space. So, get rid of them. Add a contemporary and functional pocket door to your closets. Pocket doors slide behind your walls when the closet is in-use and seamlessly slide-out to close.

The options to upgrade your closets are endless. Learn about more options available for your closet renovation, and discover the possibilities. If you want to discuss your awesome closet ideas with a closet expert, contact one today for a free consultation.